Introducing GraphQL for Cricket

Achieve all that is needed simply in just a single API request.

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No more over-fetching or under-fetching of information. Get the exact thing that is needed with a single endpoint through GraphQL.


Why GraphQL for Cricket?

While there is always a gradual upgrade happening in the development industry, GraphQL has quickly become the most basic methodology for development. Indeed sports data is very well for GraphQL. Data required by the business to business changes a lot, and that's what graphQL solving with a single endpoint.

Precious Time is Now Saved with GraphQL

Spending less time accessing the necessary data happens now at ease. Get all you want for developing and maintaining the APIs not just from one resource but from different resources in just a single request through GraphQL

Game on with GraphQL means Quick Development

Different from Queries and Mutations to Subscriptions and Authentication, GraphQL wraps everything in one endpoint along with the data available much conveniently. GraphQL proven to increase the development cycle faster and consistent without having multiple endpoints.

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Our Live score updates are as fast as TV. Instant score updates are delivered via Webhook, WebSocket and Firebase. Updates are faster than anyone in the industry.


At peak traffic, our systems process millions of requests per hour at an average latency of 300ms.

Machine Learning

Our APIs such as the Fantasy Player Credits and Chatbot use sophisticated Machine Learning & other AI tech for providing a better solution.

True Support

We respond and act faster than anyone in the industry. Our support team is accessible via Toll Free, Phone, Email, JIRA and Slack.

Superb Coverage

Enjoy wide coverage of 400+ cricket tournaments and 40+ football tournaments. Get live Kabaddi scores for the Pro Kabaddi League. We cover almost all cricket and football tournaments in the world.

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