Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports

Writing test cases for sports applications can be tricky. With numerous possible outcomes for every ball bowled, it is difficult for your QA team to test each of the possibilities individually. Virtual Sports is an AI-powered solution handcrafted by Roanuz, that perfectly simulates cricket matches in real-time. Virtual Sports effectively puts an end to all the problems associated with testing your application. You can now use the virtual cricket matches to simulate and test your applications automatically in the sandbox environment.

What are Virtual Sports?

Virtual Sports is a culmination of AI simulated cricket games where the scores and events are updated in real-time. The matches are data-driven, and hence the team and player outcomes are based on their career and recent performances. The Roanuz Cricket AI world is managed by state-of-the-art AI models crafted to perfection by Roanuz AI.

How to access Virtual Sports?

The Virtual Cricket Matches are available as a part of various Virtual Tournaments. You can access a list of Virtual Tournaments from the Association Featured Tournaments API endpoint using the Association Key “cboardvirtualgame_01378”. Get list of Virtual Tournaments with the Association Featured Tournaments API