Association Featured Tournaments Query

What can I build with it?

The Association Featured Tournaments can be helpful in providing personalised suggestions that lead to discovery. For instance, say if a user visits the IPL page of your live cricket app, there is a good chance that he might be interested in the Ranji Trophy or the Vijay Hazare Trophy, all of which are organised by the BCCI.


The Association Featured Tournaments Query provides a list of currently popular cricket tournaments organised by the specified cricket association. The response includes the tournament names along with their keys, the host countries, the points system followed, metric groups along with the match format.


An in-depth documentation of the query endpoint written for developers. Find guides on getting started, understanding data schema, authentication, caching & error handling.

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Apart from the resource costs, for every 100 requests per month, you will be charged ₹0.75 for standard plan, ₹0.75 for premium plan and ₹0.7 for enterprise plan.

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